Three vandals arrested following over thirty reports

(Casper, Wyo.) - Following a recent string of vandalism happening around the West side of Casper, three suspects have been located by the Casper Police Department. The string of vandalism began with reports coming to Casper Police on Sunday and continued through the week. Casper Police reported that they have confirmed more than thirty incidents of spray paint and slashed tires. They anticipate more reports to come in and encourage the public to notify them if you have your vehicle has been vandalized. According to court records, CPD continued to investigate through the week and on Thursday, June 16 at approximately 11:55 pm CPD responded to a suspicious call near Waterford Street. A citizen advised he had been up late and heard someone near his house. From his second story window, he could see a male dressed in black near the side of his house. It appeared the male was messing with his wife's car. The citizen yelled out at the male who then ran to an older Ford Explorer and sped away. The citizen went outside and noted that the front passenger tire had been slashed on his wife's vehicle. An ATL was aired for the white Explorer, and reports show that a short time later another officer saw a white Ford Explorer traveling West on CY Avenue. The officer looked into the registration of the vehicle and learned that the owner lived in Paradise Valley. The vehicle was found in the registered owner's address. Reports show officers knocked on the door and soon discovered three males who had been using the vehicle that night. Twenty-two year old Renaldo Curely a sixteen year old juvenile and a twelve year old juvenile. The males were found in the basement, officers spoke with the three who admitted to spray painting a few cars. The juveniles had visible spray paint on their hands, and the three were transported to CPD for interviews. Officers were granted permission to search the Explorer where they located a fixed blade knife, a wrench, and a pink spray paint can. An additional can of black spray paint and a small amount of marijuana was as found. Reports continue, the three individuals were interviewed and all shared similar stories about the dates and times and number of vehicles they vandalized. The twenty-two year old male, Curely, reported that they had taken their mother's vehicle with her permission. Curely and the two juveniles left the house and drove to Wal Mart and purchased two cans of spray paint, one pink and one black. They then drove slowly through the East side of town neighborhoods. He reported that the damaged vehicles were at random. Regarding the night of the 15th of June, they had predominantly been in the area near Cottonwood School and Paradise Valley. The suspects reported that they had plans to go out tonight (Friday) and vandalize more cars before stopping. They stated they wanted to go out one more night because they felt the risk was becoming too great to continue. Reports continue to show that the suspects all showed little remorse other than that they were caught. Curely stated that he got caught up in the moment. When asked why he was hanging out with juveniles he stated that he did not really fit in and they were his only friends. At the time following the interviews, it was estimated that the group had rang up well over $1,000 in damages. Curely, being the only adult, was arrested and charged with felony property damage and being under the influence of a controlled substance, marijuana. The two juveniles were released to the custody of their parents and it is left to the District Attorney if charges will be filled against them. #oilcity #news