Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies; Working to keep Wyoming citizens fed with help from many organizations

(Casper, Wyo.) - The main hub for the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies is right here in our Oil City and they work to provide food for all of Wyoming! The food bank provides food for over forty different organizations in Natrona County and serves over 240 groups across Wyoming. The food bank receives the food from donors, practices grocery rescue from Wal Mart, Smiths, Ridely's, as well as other local stores, and they distribute the foods to the food pantries and outlets which gets foods out to communities. Tonja Funch, Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies Program Manager, commented about food storage and what the food bank does, "We try to utilize as much food as we can. Our goal is to get food out to the people and we always encourage our agencies to only take what they are able to use when they gather foods from us." Funch went on to explain that the food bank expects to take in almost nine million pounds of food this year, and they do what they can to use it all, yet anytime working with food there will be waste. "With a staff of fourteen here at our hub we work to take the foods off the trucks and get it all properly stored in our freezers and tempered warehouse. We work to get it out as quick as we can, but we still have some waste," said Funch. She estimated that the Food bank of the Rockies in Wyoming sees about 1-2 percent of the nine million pounds of food wasted in a years time. Due to damaged product and strict food guidelines. "Sometimes we get food in that has a very short expiration date. We like to get those products out as soon as we can so that they can be used, but sometimes that is not enough. We strive for all of our agencies to only take what they can distribute, that way we can cut down on some of the waste." Funch reported that even though the food may be wasted for human consumption, they still are able to salvage a large amount of it and send it to pig and chicken farms. "We serve some of the most vulnerable population in our state, so we are always working to send out nutritious and healthy foods and keep people fed," said Funch. She continued to report that the food bank is always looking for volunteers from the community and local businesses to help them out. The Food Bank of the Rockies also works to keep kids feed in 86 of the Wyoming school districts with food programs. To learn more or to volunteer, please contact the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies at (307)- 265-2172. ​ #oilcity #news