Man arrested for going door to door trying to sell cocaine and meth

(Casper, Wyo.) - At approximately 6:35 pm Casper Police Officers responded to the area of Conwell for a report of a male attempting to sell controlled substances. The reporting party asked the male to leave, and the male reportedly went across the street to the neighbor's house and began banging on the door. Reports show that upon arrival at the location, officers located the described male, who officers recognized through previous contact as Thomas Glenn. Glenn was talking with a woman in her front yard and when officers exited their vehicles the male reportedly turned and deliberately began walking away. Officers believed the male was about to run or discharge something. Glenn stopped against a chain link fence along the street where he acknowledged officers. Officers advised him of why they had stopped him, and he reported, "that's crazy," and advised that he was going door to door looking for tree trimming work and had not attempted to sell drugs. Officers retraced Glenn's steps toward the fence and located a small brown bundle. The bundle was constructed from a brown paper towel and concealed a small plastic baggie with a white powdery substance, which officers recognized as cocaine. The brown bundle also contained a small folded piece of paper with green writing on it. Officers opened the piece of paper, and discovered a clear white substance with glass-like chunks, which officers recognized as methamphetamine. Glenn denied the substances belonging to him, officers then brought him in for questioning. Officers also spoke with witnesses in the area who stated that one was babysitting when Glenn approached and stated, "Hey, hey you want to get high?" Glenn reportedly asked the witness if she wanted to purchase drugs and stated that he had cocaine. Reports show that Glenn was told repeatedly that she was not interested in buying drugs and asked him to leave her property. Reports continue to show that Glenn was transported to NCDC and charged with possession of a controlled substance-meth, felony possession of a controlled substance-cocaine, and possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver. Officers collected the suspected cocaine and methamphetamine in his possession and field tested them. The suspected cocaine was presumed positive and weighted close to two grams. The suspected methamphetamine also proved positive and weighted one gram. #oilcity #news