'Homestead Act of 1862' follow the history at the National Historic Trails Center

(Casper, Wyo. ) - "This is a story you won't often hear us tell," said National Historic Trails Center's Interpretive Technician Shawn Wade. The temporary exhibit began at the beginning of the month of June and will run until the 23rd. ​"We focus on the immigrant trails on this exhibit, which came to is from the Homestead National Monument in Nebraska". The show showcases a handful of black and white and color photo stand alone displays telling the story of the truths and triumphs along the trail. Wade went on to explain that there is lots going on at the Trails Center for kids, adults and visors and in July Casper local Reid Miller will be speaking and showing off an exhibit, 'Celebrate Public Lands,' with various photos and maps of the BLM from 1946. To learn more abut the upcoming exhibits please with the National Historic Trails Center. ​ #oilcity #news