UPDATE: Gunman confirmed dead; Neighbor sustained minor injuries during incident

(Casper, Wyoming) – On June 21, 2016, at approximately 10:45 pm, the Casper Police Department received a report of shots fired in the 100 block of N. Fenway. Several callers identified a male subject firing multiple rounds from a rifle into surrounding homes. Officers from the Casper Police Department (CPD) and Mills Police Department (MPD), as well as Deputies from the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO), and Troopers from the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) responded. Upon arrival in the area, officers encountered the male gunman armed with an assault-type rifle on the front porch of a residence. The gunman ignored officers’ commands to disarm and retreated back into the residence. Officers, deputies, and troopers established a perimeter. The gunman ultimately re-emerged from the residence, and directly engaged officers by aiming and firing multiple rounds at the officers from his rifle. A MPD Officer, responding to the direct lethal threat posed by the gunman, fired two shots from his duty rifle, which struck and killed the gunman. No other shots were fired from officers, deputies, or troopers. No officers, deputies, or troopers were injured during the encounter. A neighbor, whose house was fired upon by the gunman, sustained minor cuts from the shattered glass of windows that had been shot out by the gunman prior to officers’ arrival. Department protocol and procedure following such officer involved shooting incidents is to immediately hand over the investigation to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). The CPD will additionally and concurrently conduct its own internal investigation to review and ensure Casper Police officers’ conduct and actions were in accordance with Department policies and procedures. While the investigation by DCI is still underway, as the facts and circumstances have been relayed to me, Jim Wetzel, Chief of Police, highly commends the professionalism and conduct of the Casper and Mills Police Officers, the NCSO Deputies, and WHP Troopers involved in this tragic incident. At this time, no Casper Police Officers have been placed on administrative leave. The nature of these incidents, with the following investigations and the inherent scrutiny over actions, can be trying for everyone involved. Wetzel asks for the community to please be patient and keep all involved in your thoughts and prayers during this time. All further questions should be directed to the District Attorney’s Office or the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigations. #oilcity #news