Virginia couple completes 50 jumps in 50 states with big finish in Wyoming!

(Casper, Wyo.) - Have you traveled to all 50 states in the United States? Some will never do that in a lifetime, yet a couple from Virginia has set the bar high, about 6,000 feet above Casper high! ​ At almost fifty-years old, Sarah Nuckols, and her husband Matt took to the skies above our Oil City to complete their goal, 50 states, 50 dives from the sky. "After skydiving nine of the 50 states, I set the goal to skydive in all 50, and today I completed that goal!" said Sarah with a big smile. ​ The Nuckols, who have been married for six years, with two kids, set out on the adventure two years ago to sky dive in every state; jumping from numerous planes, helicopters and one hot air balloon they completed the task. The two began their goal with twenty-five jumps in twenty-five states last year and made a big push to complete the goal before Sarah's fiftieth birthday on June 30th. The Nuckols, today became the second couple in the United States to sky dive in all fifty states! Matt commented, "I have jumped many times, but today marked Sarah's 1,000th jump, which also added to the adventure. Adding in the jump from a hot air balloon made for a unique experience." The problem the Nuckols faced when coming to the 307, there is no drop zone for skydiving. So they had to get creative, Matt had jumped out of a hot air balloon before, but this was Sarah's first time. With some help from local balloonist, Ray Shady and Mountain High Balloons , the team left early from Mike Sedar Park this morning, rose 6,200 feet into the air, and the couple jumped out of the balloon at 6,000 feet. Matt shared that they left the balloon around 6:11 and landed out near the Sinclair Refinery around 6:15. ​ "Normal jumps are around 13,500 feet from an airplane, " said Matt. "But we can sometimes get by with low passes, between 5,500 and 3,500 feet." Matt continued to report that when jumping from an airplane, you are jumping at the velocity of the plane, but when jumping from a hot air balloon, your body velocity begins at zero when you leave the balloon. "I am excited to get home to share my adventures and jumps with my friends, and I am expecting lots of pies in the face, from my friends as they help me to celebrate!' Said Sarah. "In the last two years before this, we had done thirty-eight states, we were cutting it very close with this one and I am so glad we were able to do it together." They plan to spend the weekend in and around Wyoming, with a trip to Mount Rushmore and Devil's Tower, and just relax. "We feel that this is such a huge accomplishment for us. It seemed more challenging for us because I work full time, we have our kids and many financial obstacles," said Matt. He shared that the only other American couple who has completed jumps in all fifty states were Harry and Betty, and a Japanese couple has also completed the feat. It was not just Sarah and Matt who completed their goal, they also brought along a fluffy mascot on each jump. ​ "This is our fluffy animal, Cathy Biats, with a tutu. Our cats at home wanted to eat it's tutu, so we called it 'Cat bait', and it has been with us on every flight," said Sarah. From a jump in Colorado on Wednesday, to the hot air balloon jump today, it was all worth it for the Nuckols. "It seemed fitting to finish our tour in Wyoming, we did not plan it that way but the planets aligned, the wind was down and we were able to make the jump," said Sarah. You can follow and read more about Sarah and her skydiving adventures at her blog: *All Photos: h/t The Nucklos/Pitchengine Communities * Congratulations Sarah and Matt, and don't worry Wyoming they shared a video too: #oilicity #news #buckrail #county17 #county10 #dally #springcity #reboot #bootstrapped #shortgo