Independence Day Fire Safety; Fireworks prohibited in Natrona County

(Casper, Wyo.) - Ready or not, the Fourth of July is coming to the Oil City! It is coming in hot and we spoke with Casper Fire EMS about the dangers associated with the Independence Day. Casper Fire Inspector Justin Smith reminded residents that discharging and possessing fireworks is prohibited in Natrona County and if caught with them, you are subject to a $750 fine from local law enforcement. "We try to remind people to leave the fireworks to the professionals. They can enjoy the Firework Festival at the Casper Events Center or the Fireworks show at Alcova Lake. The staff are all trained professionals and federally licensed by the ATF. We have issued them permits to put on the shows," said Smith. He continued to report, "Every fire begins as a small fire, then grows rapidly, just keep that in mind this weekend." The National Fire Protection District has shared some safety tips: ​ "Some other things to consider during the holiday weekend, be careful with outside barbecues and outdoor fires. Make sure your backyard fire is completely out and never leave a burning fire unattended. Make sure when smoking cigarettes, you dispose of them properly in non-combustible containers and never just flick them," urged Smith. He concluded, "We just want everyone to have a safe and fun Independence Day and for everyone to enjoy responsibly. " Feature Photo: h/t Tim Kupsick/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news