Obituary: Bobbie Haripar

Bobbie Haripar, a true free western spirit, was lost on June 16 while saving her lead champion husky from a freak blizzard during a mushing exercise in the Iditarod trail’s Dalzell Gorge. She grew up riding camels in Morocco, skiing through Italy, studying in Germany, sailing the Florida Keys, and harnessing desert botany in Tucson. Bobbie ventured west to attend Denver University to conquer Colorado and Wyoming with her blazing personality. She brought sequenced outfits, glitterized calligraphy, and puffy paints to a new generation of artists and young spirits. While taming the West, raising prized paint horses, and mastering her green thumb, Bobbie turned her focus to her champion breed of Siberian huskies for the final frontier- The Iditarod. She and her lead dog Siva trained by skiing the Colorado Rockies and the German Alps, letting Siva run down the mountain under the lift with special permission from resort owners. Her quest will continue through her husband Robert Mosher and her children: Cole (Audrey) Rogers, Caitlin (Philip) Reigan, Kirstin Vanatta and Laura Vanatta, and two grandchildren Kristine Reigan and Grant Rogers. Bobbie will forever be remembered as a fearless visionary always seeking that adventure on the horizon. Feature Photo: h/t Kirstin Vanatt/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #obits #news