Personalities of Casper: Casper artist brings a colorful twist to her barn-wood paintings

(Casper, Wyo.) - "I have been painting since I was eight, " said local artist Brooke Braquet at Metro Coffee Shop Tuesday afternoon. "I began to do more while we, my husband and I, were living in Brazil and it was a social thing for me to get out with the other ladies. I found myself asking the instructor more and more questions, and I eventually took it to a whole new level." Braquet and her husband moved to the 307 from Brazil in August of 2015 for his work and she found herself painting again this March down in their basement. "Like I said before, my painting has always been a social thing, but I began learning about painting with oils and found a passion for it while in Brazil. I like using oils to paints over acrylics, they seem to blend better and I can step away and come back to my work with the oils." It all started with a Western longhorn, she will tell you. "My first painting, just getting back into it was a Longhorn. I shared it on Facebook with the tag, 'Longhorn looking for home,' and a friend reached out to me and said she wanted it for her son's room! I was thrilled and it inspired me to keep painting." Following the longhorn, Braquet decided to take on the Wyoming state bison, or as she called it the, '307 Bison'. Then she took to ETSY and created Ekoo Right Brush (EKOORB), her own paint studio, with her named spelled backwards. "I really like using bright colors on old barn-wood. The dark wood really brings out the colors, and it has been something new. The wood seems to take to the oils better than canvas, and adds an extra layer of texture." One of her favorite pieces that she has created hangs in her room, the Louisiana State bird, the Pelican. Before moving to Brazil, Braquet lived in Louisiana with her family. "My pelican is just a reminder of where I came from, but I am always looking for new ideas and things to paint. I just want to paint the things of the areas where I am at." She went on to comment that she finds many of her ideas on pinterest, google searches and the best ideas come from word of mouth and conversations with people. ​ She anticipates taking on and exploring some more of Wyoming and catching a few walleyes as inspiration. "I love being apart of this community and the people. This was somewhere that I wanted to come visit, and when my husband told me we were moving here I was super excited! We had a taste of living abroad and it's nice to call somewhere home, for now." To learn more about Braquet's works, you can find her on ETSY or email her at #oilcity #news