Brenden Day entered a not guilty plea to 3rd degree sexual abuse charge

(Casper, Wyo.) - Nineteen year old male, Brenden Day plead not guilty this morning to the felony charge of 3rd degree sexual abuse of a minor. Reports show that officers that a juvenile was walking home from school in the area of Milton Street and Beech when he/she passed by the alley way and reports show that he/she observed a male with his hands on his exposed genitals standing in the alley way. The juvenile fled from the area, running home and informed a parent what had occurred. According to reports the parent and juvenile provided a description of the male to officers. Casper Police Detectives were currently investigating a number of reports relating to a male subject closely matching the description of the suspect who had been touching himself in numerous local hotels, according to reports. Reports continued to show that local hotel staff reported that they had observed a similar suspect touching himself in the lobby earlier in April. Through video surveillance, officers identified a suspect vehicle that the suspect entered. On April 18th at officers and detectives responded to the area of Beech and 5th Street, where officers noted a similar vehicle to the one described above. Officers followed the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Here they identified the driver as nineteen year old Brenden Day. Reports show that officers questioned Day and he initially denied his involvement in the allegations, then stated in court records that he had been struck in the head with a baseball bat in the past and had not been right since that day. He stated in court records that he had 'urges' and that he recently ended a relationship, lost a job, and was being kicked out of his residence. Day advised that the rage he was experiencing caused him to masturbate in public. Day was transported to CPD for further questioning and later arrested for indecent exposure. He was later charged with 3rd degree sexual abuse of a minor. #oilcity #news