Lone bighorn sheep ram spotted near CY Middle School; WGFD hopeful to track his movements

(Casper, Wyo.) - They say it sucks to be CSU Ram, but life can't be all that bad roaming the West. On Monday, June 27th the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Casper Region received a report of a Bighorn Sheep ram hanging around town near CY Middle School. The Facebook page, We Love Casper, shared a snap of the ram earlier this week, and we spoke with the WGFD to learn more about his behavior. Janet Milek, Public Information Specialist commented about the unusual situation, as not many bighorn sheep hang around in city limits. "We saw the ram on Monday, and he was on the run out of the area back towards the base of the mountain. There have been two rams that have been hanging around Goose Egg Road and Jackson Canyon this Spring. We took reports that one of the rams was struck by a vehicle about two weeks ago, and we believe the ram witnessed near CY Middle School is other." She continued, "A radio collar for this guy is en route and in the next month or so we are hopeful to get him collared so we can track his movements, however it is not an easy endeavor." WGFD will continue to monitor the area for the lone ram, and ask that the public be respectable and observe him from a distance if they encounter him. "This is just like having a deer or antelope in the area. The same standard warnings apply. You never want to get too close to the wild animal, and we urge you to watch from a safe distance. When we have bears in town, it is a much more dangerous situation," said Milek. If you locate the ram, the WGFD encourages you to contact them, just so they are aware of his location (307)-473-3400. Feature Photo: h/t We Love Casper/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news