Man arrested for DWUI with his daughter in the backseat

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Wednesday, June 29th at approximately 4:05 pm Casper Police Officers responded to N. Poplar, the Common Cents Gas station for a man that appeared to be intoxicated stumbling around and trying to get into a vehicle that had a young girl in it, according to reports. Officers arrived on scene and observed the man, later identified as twenty-six year old Tyson Dines in the backseat of the vehicle looking through items He was questioned by officers and it was learned that it was his daughter in the vehicle. Officers noted a smell of alcoholic beverage and questioned if he had been drinking. He agreed to take a portable breath test, after he stated he had not been drinking but was very tired. The test proved positive for consumption of alcohol. The investigation continued, according to reports, as Dines stated he was visiting Casper to spent time with his daughter. He told officers he was unsure of where his car keys were. He told officers he had driven to Douglas to pick up his daughter and then stopped at the Common Cents store. Dines reported in court records that he had drank three Pendelton's whiskeys and a mixed drink of Pendelton and Pepsi. Due to his level of intoxication and field sobriety tests, along with a BAC level of .14%, Dines was arrested and charged with DWUI with child endangerment and marijuana was also found in his possession as an added charge. #oilcity #news