Recent arrests around Natrona County

(Natrona County, Wyo.) -Here is a recap of law enforcement arrests from around Natrona County over the past twenty-four hours. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Natrona County District Attorney's Office. *Arrests* *Casper Police Department* Ronald Benally, Casper, failure to comply. Lisa M Blevins, Casper, run red light, no driver's license. Michael E Brown, Casper, failure to appear. Tyson P Dines, Oregon, possession of a controlled substance, DWUI child endangerment. Alexia H Grady, Casper, two failure to appears. Tiffany M Lookhart, Casper, hold for probation and parole, failure to comply. Katherine M McCumber, Bar Nunn, DWUI, no insurance. Ryan F Perry, Casper, Criminal Warrant. Lacy D Raney, Casper, hold for probation and parole. Kevin E Skaj, Casper, larceny, possession of controlled substance. David B Zitterkopf, Casper, domestic assault. Levi D Zitterkopf, Casper, failure to comply. *Natrona County Sheriff's Office* Austin J Goodfellow, two failure to complies. Sara B Iron, crsty hold for agency. Jia B Wen, failure to appear, Criminal Bench Warrant, immigration hold. Connie J MOffat, hold for Federal Court. Brice A Tipton, hold for CAC, hold for probation and parole. Thomas G Pederson, Criminal Warrant, failure to comply. *Mills Police Department* Trevor S Tyree, hold for probation and parole. Joseph V Montoya, NCIC hit. #oilcity #news