Casper man, Dillan Beach arrested again for sexual contact at local coffee shop

(Casper, Wyo.) - The Casper Police Department have recently arrested Casper man, Dillion Beach , for sexual battery at a local coffee shop. Beach was previously arrested in December 2015 for sexual assault charges towards three woman. He was later found to be mentally unable to participate in any court process, therefore causing the charges to be dropped. Natrona County District Attorney, Mike Blonigan stated about the situation, "Wyoming law has foreclosed us from pursuing criminal charges against Mr. Beach. Because of his disability we are stuck and cannot go further with the charges. It is a terrible situation and it is maddening that we cannot do anything further. We are left with no other options at this point." Recent court records show that on July 2nd, 2016 at 3:50 pm Casper Police Officers were dispatched to Man Cave Coffee along 2nd Street for a report of an assault. An employee advised that another employee was assaulted when a man attempted to pull the employee out of the window. Officers arrived on scene according to reports, and spoke with the employees. The male was described as an unknown white male in his mid-twenties wearing a Hawaiian shirt. When he approached to kiosk from the East, the employee became alarmed at the way he was looking at her and locked the kiosk door. Reports show that the man began talking to the employee, calling her 'beautiful'. The employee asked the man if he was going to buy something and he said he was not, and she asked him to leave. Reports show that he asked the woman for a hug twice then requested a handshake. The woman stated she felt weird about the handshake but just wanted him to leave. She reportedly shook the man's hand and he pulled her hand towards him and kissed her hand. The suspect then attempted to to grab her by the waist and she felt the suspect pulling her out the window, to 'harm her sexually'. She was able to get free and suspect left the area. Officers reviewed surveillance footage of the incident from the coffee shop, and the footage lined up with the employee's account of what happened. Officers put out an ATL for the suspect and from previous arrests and photos, the suspect was identified by a police line up as Dillion Beach. Reports continue to show that Beach was eventually located by officers and he was brought to the police station for questioning. Beach initially denied being at the coffee shop and claimed he was with his mother all day. He claimed he did not have the shirt in the video footage. It was reported that Beach and his mother had stopped at the Conoco/Bradely's that afternoon and Beach told he, "I want to go check out that red thing" looking at the kiosk. He then went to the coffee shop and she picked him up on the street near the alleyway behind Bradley's. All interviews and evidence was collected and Beach was arrested and booked for sexual battery and unlawful conduct. #oilcity #news