Diocese of Cheyenne offers statements following last week's Douglas Shooting

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The Diocese of Cheyenne issued the following statements following last week's Shooting in Douglas . Bishop Paul D. Etienne of the Cathlolic Diocese of Cheyenne: *-In light of the events yesterday I wish to offer these thoughts.* *It is our understanding at this time that law enforcement officers were present on Church property following a funeral at St. James and that their intention was to apprehend a family member of the deceased due to outstanding warrants. Immediately following the funeral Mass, the individual being sought appeared outside of the church, a confrontation ensued, shots were fired and a life was ended.* *We are saddened by the untimely loss of life in any circumstance. But the fact that this happened following a funeral liturgy when friends and family members were already grieving and outside of a house of worship, where people seek solace, makes this situation all the more troubling.* *Even in the face of growing violence in our culture, we expect as a civil society and encourage as a community of faith, that we make a stronger commitment to peaceful resolutions and enforcement of laws and a demonstration of greater respect for human life and common good.* *It is our hope and prayer as a community for a speedy explanation of the events which led the agency to devise and carry out such a strategy.* *In this time, we ask for all people of good will to pray for the Ramirez family and for a greater respect for the dignity and sanctuary of human life within our culture and society today. -* ​ #oilcity #news ​