McGinley Innovations from Casper is back to take on this year's Cowboy Tough Race

As the Cowboy Tough Adventure Race draws closer, all the athletes must make sure their bodies are in tune for the 3.5 day race across some of Wyoming's most scenic and rural areas. Luckily for team, McGinley Innovations from Casper, WY this adventure race will be taking place in their neck of the woods. Although the athletes won't know exactly where they're going until the day of the race, they do know it will begin and end in Casper. This year Mcginley Innovations (one of three teams from WY) is represented by, Joseph McGinley, Ryan Larsen, Amanda Kirlin, and Adam Johnson. [image: Inline image 1] Joseph McGinley, an adventure race veteran, has been preparing for the Cowboy Tough for approximately a year. When asked about his training McGinley told us, "Anything outdoor is fair game. In the winter, snowshoeing and cross country skiing are great. Right now I train about 15-20 hours per week with a mix of running, biking, hiking, weight lifting and canoeing." The Cowboy Tough will include many of these disciplines so McGinley is on the right track. In a candid interview with Adam Johnson he brought to light that, "It’s tough to prepare for the real race. No one wants to stay awake for 4 days, walk, bike, and paddle until your muscles hurt then do it again the following week. The best I know to do is to stay active and try to log as many miles in all disciplines as you can when you can find time." Johnson also mentioned that his favorite aspect of a race like this is, "Staying awake, rowing forever, trekking, riding. It’s all adventure!" A positive mindset is key for an adventure race like the Cowboy Tough. Proper nutrition is also an important element over the course of the race, but when there's added adrenaline and nerves not all food is appealing. Ryan Larsen expressed that, "During a long race I tend to lose my appetite, so I carry foods that taste good and are high in protein, calories, fats, and salt. Beef jerky, honey roasted peanuts, candy, and energy bars are in my pack. I have to start each day with coffee, so some kind of coffee drinks will be in my gear bin." Since McGinley Innovations is from Casper we asked the team if the race seemed less intimidating to them. McGinley explained that, " Every race is intimidating, that’s why it’s adventure racing! This is what makes these races so challenging. You really don’t know what to expect until you are out there. It is fun, stressful and rewarding all at the same time! There will always be some point of the race that will put the “Adventure” in adventure racing!"