Casper man changes plea to guilty to child abuse

(Casper, Wyo.) - This morning Casper man, Ryan D Townsend changed his plea to guilty to the charge of felony child abuse. As part of his plea deal with the state, the second charge of child abuse was dismissed in exchange for his guilty plea. According to court records in February one of the kids that Townsend was watching advised officers that Townsend became angry over the fact that the dogs had got a hold of a dirty diaper and left it on the couch. Townsend saw the dirty diaper on the couch and spanked the child with his hand, and reports continue to show that Townsend allegedly threw the child to the ground. The child also advised officers that Townsend threw the dirty diaper in his/her face. Officers spoke with Townsend who stated that the dogs got into the trash all the time and would tear things up. He denied assaulting the child over the diaper. Townsend plead guilty to intentionally and recklessly causing bodily injury to the child. The state and defense agreed upon a 3-5 years sentence suspended for three years of supervised probation as part of the plea deal. Townsend's sentence will be imposed at a future date. Click to read more about this case . #oilcity #news