'Pokemon Go' leads to public intoxication arrest at Casper park

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Saturday, July 9th at approximately 9:08 am Casper Police Officers were dispatched to Nancy English Park for a citizen complaint. The reporting party stated that he was playing the new game, 'Pokemon Go' in the park and he had found more than he was looking for as he found two males sleeping in the park with alcohol nearby. Officers responded to the area and located the males from numerous prior contacts, according to reports. Charles French and the other male were identified by officers. The other male stated that French had consumed most of the bottle of Potter's vodka that officers noted to be 3/4 empty. The male stated in court records that he was not affected by the drinking as he was a "practiced alcoholic". The other male, French appeared to officers to have slur when he spoke, bloodshot eyes. French was asked to perform a portable breath test which registered a BAC level of .34, according to reports. Officers found the other male to be able to tend to himself, but French was arrested and booked in at Natrona County Detention Center for public intoxication. #oilcity #news