If you're cutting corners with equipment, you're risking the livelihood of your business

By utilizing Cat technologies, Wyoming Machinery Company has the ability to tell the future of your machine. *“With Wyoming Machinery Company’s remote monitoring, we’ll sometimes see a Service Tech on site making a repair before us as operators even realized there was a problem.” * – Customer quote Because EM Solutions helps you manage your equipment, you get more life out of every machine allowing you to build a stronger, more competitive business. Imagine a working environment where you never experience unexpected downtime on your machines. How much money would that save you and your customers? Take a look at the graph below to see how a local Wyoming Machinery Company customer saved 19% in operational costs in 2015. [image: Inline image 1] This local customer learned that by reducing idle time, they could decrease their overall fuel costs by 12% percent. As a result of lower operating time, they also saved 41% on labor and 48% on parts. Now, multiply those savings across your entire fleet. When you partner with Wyoming Machinery Company’s EM Solutions Team, you can expect them to keep your equipment running in peak operating conditions. On average, customers who partner with Wyoming Machinery Company’s EM Solutions Team experience lower costs and minimal unexpected downtime as compared to similar equipment that is not managed by their team. *Why your business needs EM Solutions to operate efficiently: * *Control Costs*— automated data collection and reporting lets you see what your real costs are, so you can take concrete steps to bring them down. Find and eliminate unproductive idle time to reduce fuel costs and limit total machine hours for improved resale value. Spot and fix small problems before they develop into major failures to save big on service costs. Keep up with maintenance schedules to maximize machine life and reduce total owning and operating costs. *Improve Operations*— when you can see exactly where your machines are and when they’re due for maintenance, you can make better, more informed decisions. Find the best time to bring a machine in for service or preventative repairs. Decide how you can move equipment around between jobs so it doesn’t sit idle. Determine whether you can take a machine off of a job and still meet your deadline. *Manage People*— technologies can tell you a lot about how well and how much your people are working; and how they should be working instead. Monitor your operators to see who is running their machines like a pro and who could use some more training. Allocate service personnel so they stay busy without becoming over-tasked. Reward great performance to promote employee pride and a culture of safety. *Reduce Risk*— equipment data helps you deal with day-to-day uncertainties more effectively. Get accurate feedback on your operations to make tighter, more competitive bids. Decide when to replace older equipment to get the most advantageous deal for your business. Maintain regulatory compliance to avoid fines and complications. Track your machine locations to help keep your equipment safe and secure. Learn how EM Solutions can help you reduce costs, improve operations, and boost your bottom line by visiting EM Solutions . Then, call Wyoming Machinery Company to build an equipment management program customized to your business. Follow Wyoming Machinery Company on Facebook ! [image: Inline image 2]