Bruce Brooker, again arrested for indecent exposure in Casper

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Thursday, July 14th at approximately 12:19 pm Casper Police Officers were contacted by the Casper Public Safety Communication Center and were advised of a male who had been inside the lobby area of the Community Health Center on Blackmore Road exposing his genitals and penis in open view of the general public. Officers arrived at the location and spoke with witnesses who stated that at around 11:45 am a male subject entered the building and proceeded to the Men's bathroom. A short time later the male came out of the restroom with his shorts pulled down and his penis and genitals exposed. The male walked to a chair and sat down facing the witness. The witness reported that the male was looking with a 'creepy' look about his face, according to court records. Based on the description of the suspect and previous encounters with the male , as well as video surveillance from the Community Health Center, the male was identified as Bruce Brooker, who had previously and recently been arrested for similar incidents. Officers were later able to locate Brooker and interviewed him, where he reported, he did not know why he had exposed himself but stated that he had a "problem" and is getting help. He was arrested and charged with public indecency/indecent exposure. #oilicty #news