Casper man pleads not guilty to aggravated assaults in June

(Casper, Wyo.) -Monday afternoon eighteen year Denote Paul plead not guilty to three felony charges of aggravated assault. In early June Paul was arrested after victims and witnesses stated a male was on top of an extension ladder at a residence along 15th and Glendale. Paul allegedly crash into the ladder and injuried one. Reports show that witnesses heard the sound of a car engine racing and saw a gold-colored passenger car with Wyoming plates speeding North on Glendale. Witnesses saw the vehicle turn around and drive towards the ladder. Reports show that the vehicle swerved towards them, drive onto the curb and hit the base of the ladder. Reports show that the vehicle then left the scene. The Casper Police Department later located the vehicle, a 2003 Gold Mercury, registered to a female. Officers spoke with the female who advised that her vehicle had been stolen earlier in the day. The suspect was identified as eighteen year old Deonate Paul, when he turned himself in to authorities. Paul is currently being held on a $25,000 bond. #oilcity #news