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Earn your University of Wyoming degree through UW-Casper, the University's branch campus in central Wyoming. Enroll now for fall 2016 classes. Haven't applied yet? There's still time... apply online at . Call (307) 268-2713 to schedule an appointment with an adviser. Your future starts here at UW-Casper! *UW Programs Available in Casper* *Bachelor's Degrees* - Applied Science: Organizational Leadership (OCP) - Biology - Business Administration (OCP) - Communication - Criminal Justice (OCP) - Elementary Education - English - Family and Consumer Sciences (OCP) - Humanities and Fine Arts - Journalism - Mathematics and Sciences - Medical Laboratory Sciences - Nursing (OCP) - Psychology (OCP) - Secondary Science Education, Biology - Social Sciences (OCP) - Social Work - Technical Education *Master's Degrees* - Adult and Post-Secondary Education (OCP) - Curriculum and Instruction (OCP) - Educational Leadership (OCP) - English (OCP) - Executive MBA Online (OCP) - Health Services Administration (OCP) - Human Development and Family Sciences (OCP) - Instructional Technology (OCP) - Kinesiology and Health (OCP) - Mental Health and School Counseling - Nursing: Online Nurse Educator (OCP) - Public Administration (OCP) - Special Education (OCP) - Speech-Language Pathology (OCP) *Certificates and Endorsements* - Land/Cadastral Surveying (OCP) - Early Childhood, Birth to Five (OCP) - Early Childhood, Birth to Eight (OCP) - Early Childhood, Program Director (OCP) - Early Childhood, Special Education (OCP) - Educational Leadership: K-12 Principal (OCP) - Educational Leadership: K-12 School District Superintendent (OCP) - English as a Second Language (OCP) - Literacy (OCP) - Online Instruction (OCP) - Play Therapy (OCP) - School Social Work (OCP) - Special Education (OCP) - Special Education Director (OCP) - Teachers of American Indian Children (OCP) UW-Casper courses are offered onsite with possible online, audio, video, or web conference components. All programs designated as OCP are delivered online, or through audio, video, or web conference. #sponsored #oilcity #news