Casper man arrested for possession of spice while visiting neighbor with AR-15

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Monday July 18th at approximately 11:50 am Casper Police Officers responded to the area of Navarre Road in regards to a weapon offense. The reporting party stated that a male had walked over to her house carrying a gun, and rang the doorbell, according to reports. Officers arrived on scene and spoke with the RP who shared that she had been working outside in her yard when she observed a male wearing dark clothing walking up the sidewalk towards her house carrying some sort of a gun. It was reported to be medium in length and she was unsure of what type of rifle it was. She told officers that she stepped into the house and the male put down the weapon and knocked on her door several times then left. Officers noted a similar male matching the woman's description stepping outside from the house next door. Officers made contact with the male, who identified himself as Kelton Hawkes. Reports show that officers noted the butt of a pistol sticking out of Hawkes pocket. The handgun was found to contain six rounds in the magazine and none in the chamber. Officers also noted Hawkes to have bloodshot eyes, and he was twitching and shaking constantly as he spoke. Hawkes reported to officers that someone had been shining a laser through the upstairs bedroom widow at his home. He stated that he grabbed his AR-15 and went outside to speak with the neighbor about the source of the laser. Reports show that Hawkes story changed several times during his interview with officers. Hawkes denied any illicit drug use or prescription drug abuse, yet he continued to twitch and shake, according to reports. During the investigation, officers confronted Hawkes and he admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the day. Officers located marijuana paraphernalia at Hawkes home as he agreed to go to the house with officers. During a safety sweep of the home, officers observed an AR-15 rifle, a plain ziplock baggy containing multiple white pills and a green leafy substance, Hawkes reported to be 'spice'. Hawkes was transported to NCDC and arrested for three counts of possession of controlled substances. #oilcity #news