Natrona County takes firm stance on illegal fireworks in the county and city

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - Casper and Natrona County law enforcement are taking a zero tolerance approach to fireworks. "We have had an influx of firework activity since the fourth of July," said Casper Fire Captain Justin Smith. " We have had significant fireworks calls, and last week we responded to a fire in town that was due to fireworks. There is no such thing as a safe place to light them off, all it takes is one spark." The Casper Police Department urges the public not only to not shoot off fireworks in city limits, but also not to possess them. "We have a no tolerance for fireworks in city limits. Residents found with fireworks will be cited a $110 fine and possible other criminal charges, " said John Hatcher with the Casper Police Department. He continued to report that often times his officers will send extra patrols to shoots fired calls, as they are taken very seriously, yet many end up as fireworks calls and that takes officers away from other duties. "This is just not the place to shoot off fireworks, period." As for Natrona County, if caught shooting off fireworks, you could be subject to a $750 fine and up to sixty days in jail. Natrona County Fire District warns of fireworks in the county, and wants to remind all citizens that we are currently in a county wide burn ban. NCFD Bob Fawecett, "The conditions are right for a large fire at this time of the Summer, and adding fireworks to the mix is no good. They are just not safe, and with our extreme Casper winds, it just adds to the dangers." Fire Captain Smith concluded, " Even when you are using fireworks correctly, there is a high chance of danger and starting a fire, but when you start mis-using them then we have bigger problems. All fires start very small and spread fast. Fire is everyone's fight, it takes a community wide effort to prevent these fires and tragedies." To learn more about the fireworks ban, please contact the Casper Fire Department at (307) 235-8222. #oilcity #news