Casper Police expands online reporting for citizens

(Casper, Wyo.) – In 2012, the Casper Police Department began using the DeskOfficer Online Reporting System in a limited and optional capacity for citizens to file police reports. To better serve the citizens and the community, the Casper Police Department will expand the use of online reporting as an alternate, and in some cases a mandatory, reporting mechanism for citizens wishing to document no-suspect and no-lead reports. This expansion will afford citizens a more flexible and responsive avenue to interact with the Casper Police Department. The Department’s expansion of online reporting capitalizes on current trends and technology to provide greater efficiencies of scalable police services to the public. Employment of online reporting will create greater availability for officers to respond more expediently to higher priority emergent and in-progress calls. What does this mean for Casper citizens? Starting on August 1, 2016, citizens will be able to report most non-emergency incidents and crimes online without having to wait for an officer to respond in person. Additionally, the Casper Police Department will no longer respond to minor (non-injury) automobile accidents that occur on non-government maintained roadways or parking lots. However, online reporting procedures will still offer citizens the ability to document such accidents for insurance purposes. The Casper Police Department will, of course, continue to respond to all active in-progress incidents, emergencies, or other incidents requiring direct law enforcement intervention. To file an online police report click the “File a Police Report” link at the City of Casper’s website, . Upon completing the online reporting process, citizens can print a copy of the report for their own records. A permanent record will be reviewed, filed, and maintained in the Department’s records management system. If follow-up is necessary, citizens will be contacted by an officer. For questions or additional information, contact Det. John Hatcher. #oilcity #news