Take flight with Casper balloonist before the mass launch this weekend

(Casper, Wyo.) -Hey Casper, look up in the sky this week! It's not a bird, maybe it is a plane, or it could be a HOT AIR BALLOON! ​ All this week local balloonists as well as those from out of state will be filling the Oil City with hot air and taking to the skies for the 12th Annual Re/Max the Group Balloon Roundup! We caught up with four year balloonist Cameron Wagner and his four balloons before the big show this weekend. "This will be my third year doing the roundup, and I just love seeing the people come out to see the balloons.We generally leave so early in the mornings, not many people get to see us and see what we do, that is what I like, getting to share the sky with newbies," said Wagner. Wagner recently gained his commercial pilot's license and kicked off Cameron the Pilot-LLC rides over Casper. ​He is not only excited for the mass launch on Saturday, but for the fun on Friday night at the Fairgrounds. "Friday night I will have my balloon at the fairgrounds for the night light celebration. The balloons will not leave the ground, but our flames will be burning," said Wagner. ​ This is Wagner's fifth balloon event this year, as he recently flew over Riverton in the Riverton Balloon Roundup and spent some time with his balloon, *Oliver*, in Palm Springs, California. The highest Wagner has taken *Oliver*, you ask, he reported 12,700 feet as he soared over the Ferris Mountains. Wagner currently owns four balloons, all with unique names, as part of the balloonist culture: - Oliver - Aria - Pepeny - Fish Balloon-(Cameron says is very ugly, but makes people laugh). ​ "Balloons make people happy, including myself, whether you are three years old or ninety, you still wave at the balloons as they drift by," concluded Wagner. You can visit Oliver and Cameron the Pilot-LLC at the Re/Max the Group Balloon Roundup this weekend at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds! To learn more, follow Cameron the Pilot-LLC on Facebook . ​ #oilcity #news