Two retired daredevils soared above the Oil City with Reno pilot

(Casper, Wyo.) -An early morning fire alarm roused the residents of Primrose Retirement Community of Casper this morning. The only fire burning, was the gas burning to fill up the Empty Pockets Balloon Team! ​ Hailing from Reno, NE-VA-DUH balloonist, Jeff Haliczer brought his balloons to Primrose to rise and shine with those retired. Two 'daredevil' community members, Lorna Grahm and Joyce Krystofiak hopped in the balloon for a jaunt around town. You may recognize Jeff's balloon, *Off the Wall*, showing off a huge Humpty Dumpty upside down, but today he took flight with his other balloon, Synchronicity! ​Catch up with Jeff at the Re/Max the Group Balloon Roundup this weekend in the Oil City! ​ #oilcity #news