New little lions to Casper

(Casper, Wyo.)- Our Community Partners at Wyoming Medical Center have provided us with the true Summer babies new to the Oil City! Congrats parents! *July 10, 2016* - Girl, Lydia Jo, to Emily and Mark Gilbertson of Casper *July 11, 2016* - Boy, Carter William, to Nikki and Travis Leck of Casper - Boy, Kaleb, to Jessica and Scott Baxter of Casper - Boy, Tayson Ray, to LaToya Jackson and Samuel Redd of Casper - Girl, Taylor Kristine, to Kristine and Ryan Shaeffer of Casper *July 12, 2016* - Girl, Octavia Ann, to Kayla Stetz and Zane Juliussen of Casper - Girl, Daisy Mae, to Laurie Gurney and Aaron Shaffer, of Mills - Girl, Sydney Marie, to Daryl and Marco Amador of Evansville - Boy, Tristan Jacob, to Erin and Nathan Prach, of Casper *July 13, 2016* - Girl, Clara Elaine, to Lisa Meacham and Joseph Lewis of Casper - Girl, Michelle June, to Amanda Mobley and John Stevens of Casper - Boy, Latigo Gus, to Lisa and Nathan Garnhart of Casper - Girl, Alyssa Catherine, to Ashley Moyte of Casper *July 14, 2016* - Boy, Andrew Parker, to Nicole Gunyan and Gary Bushnell, of Casper - Boy, Holden Reynolds, to Senah Selby and Matthew Larson of Casper - Boy, Josef Butler, to Jennifer and David Markwardt of Casper *July 15, 2016* - Girl, Carter Lynn, to Morgan Harper and Michael Simoneaux III of Casper *July 16, 2016* - Girl, Taylor Paige, to Jennifer Pickering and Philip Biggs of Casper *July 17, 2016* - Girl, Sophia Ann, to Brittany and Matthew Sarkozi of Casper - Boy, Lucas Dominic, to Cassidy Schroeder and Gustavo Dieguez of Casper