New little ones to Casper

(Casper, Wyo.) - Welcome to the world little guys! Community births come to us from our Community Partners at Wyoming Medical Center: *July 17, 2016* - Boy, Daxton Eugene, to Shandal Veach and James Pulver of Casper *July 18* - Girl, Maddison Lynn, to Carly and Grant Henson of Douglas - Girl, Makenna Carolyn, to Brianna and Bronson Burriss of Casper - Girl, Elouise May, to Carla and Jeremy Bell of Casper - Boy, Colby Raymond, to Jennifer and Tim Janssen of Casper *July 19* - Boy, Owen Richard, to Kaylie and Adam Rodriguez of Casper - Girl, Kloye Leigh, to Sara Cardenas of Casper - Boy, Noah Dean, to Amber Chadwick of Casper - Boy, Logan Bridger, to Jessica and Keith Dodson of Casper *July 20* - Girl, Cienna Rose, to Cierra Hetzel and Cameron Hagen of Douglas - Girl, Nora Paige, to Jackie and Anthony Ouano of Casper *July 21* - Boy, Jonathan Wyatt, to Stephanie and Cale Ferrell of Casper - Boy, Jackson John, to Shayna and Kyle Jacobs of Casper - Boy, Anderson Dominick, to Megan and Jonathan Aleman of Casper - Boy, Krew Alec, to Ali Hershman of Casper *July 22* - Boy, Cayson Patrick, to Brandi Barrow and Chris Kelly of Casper - Boy, Gabriel Lucas, to Sarah Mercer and Joseph Hooker of Casper - Boy, Kyren Mack, to Lauren and Romain Jackson of Casper *July 23* - Girl, Annabelle Joel, to Samantha and Gabriel Scarborough - Girl, Amiyah Luisa, to Angelina and Juan Saldivar of Casper Feature Photo: h/t to Nikki Samuels/Pitchengine Communities #wmc #oilcity #news