Arrests from around Natrona County this weekend

(Natrona County, Wyo.) -Here is a recap of law enforcement arrests from around Natrona County over the weekend. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Natrona County District Attorney's Office. *Arrests* Reports from the Casper Police Department were not avialble Friday, they are included below: *Casper Police Department* Gary J Chingman, Casper, two failure to appears. Male Juvenile Offender, simple assault. Jonathan D Derrick, Casper, auto burglary, public intoxication. Marshall E Friday, Casper, failure to comply. Christopher C Hubbard, Casper, Criminal Bench Warrant, two possession of controlled substances. Trevor R Hyde, Casper, two failure to complies, suspended/revoked DL, improper registration, no insurance. Tyson J Jeorgesen, Mills, three county warrants/hold for agency. Shae N Mayer, Casper, strangulation of a household member, domestic battery, vandalism. Shane M Patrick, Casper, Criminal Warrant, failure to comply. Tommy J Rose, Casper, domestic assault, interference w/PO. Michael W Wilson, Casper, county warrant/hold for agency, failure to appear. Rodyney L Zahn , Montana, two NCIC hits. Other charges still pending. Anna K Atkins, Casper, possession of meth, three child endangering. Michael D Baird, Casper, Criminal Warrant. Brian S Bayer, Casper, civil bench warrant. Sean D Bohnstengel, Mills, domestic battery. Walter J Bowden, Mills, domestic assault, strangulation of a household member. Charles N Bushyhead, Casper, public intoxication. Cory M Campbell, Casper, domestic battery, failure to comply. David M Chavis , Casper, aggravated assault, kidnapping. Bryce A Dacus, Casper, hold for probation and parole. Sarah M Dilts Schmidt, Casper, two failure to complies. Austin A Falk, Natrona County, suspended/revoked DL. Albert A Frazier Jr., Casper, failure to comply, failure to appear. Shawn K Gangwash, Casper, Criminal Warrant. Mona L Gonzales, Casper, alcohol in park/cemetery. Marlene P Gould, Casper, two county warrants/hold for agency. Crystal A Kletsch, Casper, District Court Bench Warrant. Steven M Kohut, Casper, DWUS, driving without interlock device. Keith A Koronka, Casper, two failure to complies. Duane R Kraft Jr., Casper, possession of marijuana, failure to appear. Joseph W Martinez Jr., Casper, public intoxication. Cody G Mayrhofen, Casper, disturbance. Jordan M McCowan, Casper, failure to comply. Shauna S McWilliams, Casper, hold for probation and parole. Aaron D O'Brian, Casper, failure to comply. Marshal E Rankine, Casper, failure to appear. Michael A Roberts, Casper, Criminal Warrant. Jordan L Schmidt, Natrona County, two possession of controlled substances, two failure to complies. Kayelee D Thomas, Evansville, possession of controlled substance-meth. Kindle R West Jr., Casper, failure to appear. Garrett A Wolf, Evansville, DWUI, speeding. *Natrona County Sheriff's Office* Jason D Howell, DWUI. Sasha M Yeigh, domestic battery, interference w/911 call. *Wyoming Highway Patrol* Tanner K Davis, county warrant/hold for agency. *Mills Police Department* Scott T Kroll, failure to comply. Richard F Church Jr.. possession of a controlled substance-meth. Ronald S Burke, DWUI, open container, DWUS. Marlon D Marshal, DWUS. Dawn O'Neill, assault, public intoxication. *Evansville Police Department* Eliel Lopez, DWUS, no insurance, no registration, county warrant. Michael J Davis, possession of controlled substance-meth, interference w/PO. Paula K Chidester, failure to appear, DWUI. #oilcity #news