Lots of newborns in Casper

(Casper, Wyo.) - Our Community Partners at Wyoming Medical Center have provided us with new births to the Oil City! *July 28, 2016* - Boy, Kael Leon, to Taylor Hope and Kyle Anderson *July 28, 2016* - Boy, Daniel Paul Christopher, to Johanna Green of Casper - Boy, D’artagnan William to Kimberly and Jeffrey White Eagle of Casper - Girl, Adilyn Parker, to Kaytlin and Chris Honken of Casper *Aug. 1, 2016* - Boy, Jesus Jair, to Angelica and Juan Contreras of Mills - Girl, Gabriella Rae, to Lisa and Kyle Kastenschmidt of Casper - Girl, Harper Rhyan, to Krysta-Jean Marshall of Casper - Boy, Elias Harland, to Jennifer and Glenn Mendoza of Bar Nunn *Aug. 2, 2016* - Boy, Zachery Logan, to Samantha and Zachery Muckley of Casper *Aug. 3, 2016* - Boy, Bradley John Michael, to Anne Bouzis and Nicholas Tomlinson of Casper - Boy, Gabriel Kade, to Maria Frias and Michael Andersen of Casper *Aug. 4, 2016* - Girl, Mallory Ann, to Cherylynn Grunwald and Quintin Sulzle of Casper - Girl, Skyla Rose, to Marlena Massmann and Gerald Bachler of Casper - Girl, Krimmlee Loraine, to Kylie and Brock Burch of Casper - Boy, Pierce Gray, to Kyrsten and Wyatt Sandoval of Casper *Aug. 5, 2016* - Boy, Jace Wesley, to Tessa Zerkle *Aug. 6, 2016* - Boy, Winston John Jennings, to Sharina and Levi Butcher of Casper *Aug. 8, 2016* - Girl, Lochlain Renee, to Tessa Hayes and Clinton Dotson - Girl, Emma Jean, to Stephanie Pieri and Gentry Shreve of Casper *Feature Photo: h/t h/t David Landreth/Pitchengine Communities* #wmc #oilcity