Storms brought hail and high water to Casper

Yesterday's thunderstorms brought with it high water and hail across the city. Here are a few the sights that readers shared with us. The hail almost looked like snow! (this and the feature photo h/t Cindy Graves) [image: 13987055_10205443519601945_1969243274_o.jpg] *h/t Katie Ann Sittner* [image: 13987786_10157366377755002_1267309426_o.jpg] *h/t Katie Ann Sittner* *[image: 14012663_10157366378335002_424691947_o.jpg]* *h/t Carolyn Marshall-Trujillo* *[image: 14001754_10206346095720473_291124968_o.jpg]* *h/t Carolyn Marshall-Trujillo* [image: 14012524_10206346096080482_81132198_o.jpg] #oilcity #news