Olsen Orthodontics

Professionals travel all the way from China for training by Dr. Olsen and his team

Earlier this year, Orthodontic giant Ormco called upon Dr. Olsen and his team at Olsen Ortho Studio to host and train a group of professionals from China on the application of the Insignia Advanced Smile Design™ braces system.

“Dr. Olsen has been an Ormco client for seven or eight years, and was an early adopter of this product,” says Kyle Harrington, a district manager for Ormco. “He’s dually trained as an orthodontist and a prosthodontist, so he has a unique way of looking at each case. As a result, the smiles he creates are more aesthetically pleasing.  When this opportunity arose, the first question was ‘Will Marc do it?’” 

Ormco Corporation, which developed the computer-aided smile design process, has only recently received permission to offer their products in China after a long and extensive application process. Once approval was granted, they approached Dr. Olsen and asked that he conduct the training in his Billings office based on his years of experience working with the system and the results he achieves. The visiting orthodontists, he was advised, would be the first to offer Ormco’s Insignia braces in China. 

“It is a difficult process to get products cleared for sale in China,” says Brandy Long, Ormco’s Director of Product Management.  “The orthodontists there really wanted to visit an office to see how the practice works and how a local doctor works with the product. It’s different than just using brackets and wires.” 

Olsen’s office was contacted about the training just two weeks in advance of the visit, so preparations were in high gear to ensure time and space would be available for the lecture and demonstration.  

As with any good story, however, there was a twist. Just a few days prior to the arrival of his Chinese peers, Dr. Olsen experienced sudden and intense abdominal pain. 

The culprit? A kidney stone, which would require surgery and at first led to the cancellation of the training.  When Dr. Olsen and his staff learned that the nature of the travel visas held by the Chinese group’s required they visit Billings, however, they decided to press ahead.  

“We knew the importance of this visit for the orthodontists and for Ormco,” says Dr. Olsen.  “I spoke with my doctor and we scheduled the surgery later in day so I was able to make the presentation and complete the demonstration in the morning.” 

Training began at 9 a.m. with Dr. Olsen’s overview of the Insignia bonding process. That process combines 3D planning software, custom brackets and specialized bonding to create a treatment truly unique to every patient. This provides for an even greater level of precision, the option to manage even the most difficult cases, diagnose underlying problems earlier and often reduce the length of treatment time.

Following the lecture, which included before-and-after images of Olsen Ortho Studio patients, participants had the opportunity to see a patient bonding firsthand.

Although patients had been rescheduled due to the medical emergency, Dr. Olsen’s insurance coordinator, Tonya Averill, had decided to get Insignia but had not yet been scheduled for bonding.  She agreed to have her braces applied ahead of schedule for training purposes, so as his guests looked on, taking notes and quietly talking in Mandarin, Dr. Olsen demonstrated each step of the bonding process.  

“Truly, the presentation could not have gone any better, and I appreciated the thoughtful questions we received from our guests,” says Dr. Olsen, who has since recovered from his surgery. “Our staff did a tremendous job in ensuring everything went very well and that it was a meaningful experience for the orthodontists who visited our office.”