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A gift that lasts a lifetime- Dr. Marc Olsen DDS, MSD

If there’s anything we’ve learned before and during the holidays, it’s that gifts come in every shape and size. After the hubbub of the big day has come to an end, the tree taken down and the stockings put away for another year, however, so many of the gifts we carefully shopped for and wrapped have already lost some of their shine. In fact—some of them may have already been lost altogether.

But imagine for a moment giving or receiving a gift that wouldn’t just last a day or a month or a year. Imagine a gift that would last a lifetime.

For Julie, the mother of one of our patients, that’s exactly how she looks at the decision to have her two children be evaluated for braces. Her son, now almost 14, has been in braces for just over a year. Her daughter, 10, began phase one in September.

“I was a senior in high school when I got braces myself,” Julie shares. “I had healthy teeth; in fact, I’d never had a cavity. But I would always put my hand over my mouth when I smiled because I hated the way they looked. It was odd, going to college with braces on, but it was worth finally having a smile I felt good about.”

When the pediatric dentist suggested she have her son seen by an orthodontist, she made an appointment quickly. Dr. Olsen suggested they monitor him to allow for some of his baby teeth to fall out. Six months later, he began orthodontic treatment.

What Julie and her husband didn’t expect was that their daughter follow suit so quickly.

“We noticed that one of her teeth was coming in a little ‘wonky,’” she recalls. “I took her in to Dr. Olsen for a consultation. When he showed me the 3-D images they took, it was no surprise that he recommended that we start her treatment right away. Her teeth were all over the place. Putting her in braces now will allow her adult teeth to come in properly and avoid problems later.”

She admits that having two kids in braces at the same time wasn’t something they’d expected.

“It’s true—we hadn’t planned to have them both in braces at the same time, but we agreed that this was a priority for us,” Julie explains. “You know, we’ll never be the parents who buy their kids brand new cars for their sixteenth birthdays or send them on lavish trips. But we can definitely make sure that they have a healthy, confident smile. And that’s something that will last them a lifetime.” 

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