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ON DUTY HANDYMAN: The Jack of All Trades in Virginia

Handyman is synonymous with many different terms. Man-of-all-work, craftsman, mister fix-it, helper, multi-talented, cabinet maker, electrician and carpenter are just a few of the many synonyms associated with the word handyman. This comes with no surprise as no ‘handyman’ achieves the true definition of the term without being a jack of all trades. When you are looking into hiring a handyman for your home improvement in Alexandria, VA, it is important that you work with people who are invested on their multiple skills and have wonderful work to back them up. Handymen who are committed to bettering their skills, improving their techniques, and expanding their capabilities are the ones you know can deliver great results. And this is exactly what On Duty Handyman is – great craftsmen who are consistent with their innovative techniques to provide expected results.


For any renovation or home improvement, it is so important to know what your handyman is capable of doing and what results they have produced in the past. Doing any kind of home renovation requires different professional skills and techniques. For example, a bathroom remodeling in Arlington, VA must be done by a handyman who is skilled in altering water lines, electrical system, handling cement, tiles, or other wall or flooring materials whilst familiar with assembling different kinds of bathroom fixtures. It is important to know that your handyman can handle everything that needs professional technique to complete your home improvements. One way of knowing this is by assuring that your chosen contractor is licensed and insured. This will assure that they have been evaluated to have all the requirements needed to complete different kinds of home improvements. To be an insured handyman means that your ability to professionally complete any renovation and home alterations is reliable and trustworthy.


Another telling tale that a handyman is trustworthy is by the collection of work he has. It is important that you see samples of renovations similar to what you want. This will not only help you confirm that your handyman is capable of completing your requests, but also, you can see the standards in which they are done. You will be able to compare the finishing touches, the overall design, and the technical aspects of the repairs or renovations. Seeing a handyman’s previous work is a way to see his skills and techniques, and how well they are executed. So don’t be afraid to request for samples of old completed works if you want to get an idea of what your handyman can do. At On Duty Handyman, they are very open and willing to show you the different projects they have completed. They are willing to explain everything so that you will have a clearer picture of what needs to be done, and they will also suggest ideas that will suit your vision to help improve your plan.


The last factor that you should look for in your hired handyman is good communication and customer service. Again, for example, if you’re working on a bathroom remodeling in Arlington, VA, it is never a quick, easy process. It usually takes a lot of time invested on deciding and discussing designs, confirming possible ideas and finalizing the progress of the renovation. This means a lot of time spent with your chosen contractor. Good communication and customer service is crucial to a well finished product. During a renovation process, you will have to communicate constantly with your handyman, discussing designs, changes, opinions and trying to understand each other. With great customer service, it is easier to come to final decisions, making the whole process faster. This is something that On Duty Handyman can guarantee. They pride themselves in good customer service and helping their clients achieve their wants and needs the most efficient way.


On Duty Handyman offers a large selection of remodeling services – from kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, basement, laundry room, and bedroom to flooring remodeling. Their services also extend to plumbing, electrical system, power washing, painting services, appliance installation and hardware services. They also handle window and door works, tiling, flooring, light demolition and hauling services. They are confident in their capabilities and skills to offer all these services with a promise of professional and quality results. A handyman who is capable and skilled to do everything that’s needed to complete a renovation is a handyman that is enthusiastic to learn, acquire experience and perfect their skills. This is exactly what you need for any home improvement in Alexandria, VA and you can find the best time at On Duty Handyman.