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6 Best NodeJS Frameworks for Developers  

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform run time conditions developed on Chrome’s V8 javascript engine. It is practiced to build fast, scalable server-side web applications. The event-driven, non-blocking I/O model makes Node.js lightweight and efficient. These characteristics have motivated some developers to adopt Node.js. Today, let us scan the list of 9 best Node.js frameworks for developers.



Hapi is a strong and robust framework that is utilized for developing APIs. It was first acquainted by Eran Hammer 2011 at Walmart while trying to control the traffic on Black Friday. The well-developed plugin system and several key features such as input validation, configuration-based functionality, execute caching, error handling, logging and more makes the Hapi one of the most selected frameworks. It is utilized for building useful applications and providing technology solutions to numerous large-scale websites such as Disney, PayPal.

It is used for building real-time web applications. Its a Javascript library that enables the bidirectional data flow between the web client and server. Asynchronous data I/O, binary streaming, immediate messaging are some of the most notable features of this framework.


Introduced in 2013, this futuristic framework is used to make the process of writing web applications and REST APIs more enjoyable. It is an artistic middleware for Node.js that uses generators. The restricted use of callbacks makes the generators a more powerful methodology of fault mitigation.


One of the leading frameworks in the Node.js world. Backed by a large association of tutorials, custom packages, developers, and documentation, this framework is used to create some large web and mobile applications for Javascript only.


This is an MVC framework that is utilized for generating real-time mobile and web applications. Derby’s Racer, a real-time data synchronization engine for Node.js provides multi-site, real-time concurrency and data synchronization over clients and servers. The racer optimizes dispute resolution and provides real time editing of the application by supporting the ShareJS.


This is yet different MVC framework that has become very popular with Node JS developers. The framework has obtained traction through the development of chat applications, dashboards, and multiplayer games. It is most popular for building data-driven APIs. It practices waterline for object related mapping and DB solutions. This framework practices Express.js for managing HTTP requests and is built upon Node.js. Its adaptability with Grunt modules, including CoffeeScript, Jade,LESS, SASS, Stylus, Dust performs Sails.js an ideal applicant for browser based applications.


The internet age is the time of active changes and NodeJS web app development. Every day the applications that are produced are becoming more high-level. Each and every framework on this list have several features and are suitable for various kind of applications. NodeJS app development companies are influencing the development of exceptional applications, and this list gives you the comprehensive list of the most common frameworks that are used by expert Node JS Consultants.