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Chrome Extensions by Online Casino HEX

Toronto, ON, Canada — Here is the awesome news from the world of gambling: Canadian website OnlineCasinoHex has just released its first product — Top 3 Daily Games Chrome extensions that will completely change the process of choosing a casino game to play. There are 7 extensions in the series each one devoted to one kind of casino game — online roulette, video slots, blackjack, online scratch cards, craps, baccarat and video poker. All you need to do is download and install an extension or all of them and you will see the red icon with the highlighted “3” in your browser address bar. Once you have played all the daily games, the highlighted figure disappears until tomorrow. 

A click on the extension icon opens a new window with the selection of 3 best games of the day that can be played for free on OnlineCasinoHex with no download, deposit, and registration. All the demo games are free just like the extensions — OnlineCasinoHex doesn’t require any PayPal donations, activation codes or paid subscriptions. We don’t do it for money but for our customers that would never have to spend time on the game search once again. For those who don’t want to be limited to 3 games a day, our website offers its whole collection of online casino games that is the largest in Canada and one of the largest on the Internet. Don’t forget to pay special attention to our free slots collection as it amounts to more than 2000 games by the most popular online slots providers. Even though video slots are the most frequently played casino games in the world, we don’t forget about gamblers who prefer playing blackjack online or baccarat online and offer the best selections of card casino games on a daily basis. Want to play craps online? With the special craps extension from OnlineCasinoHex, it will never be a problem as you’ll get best craps games right in your browser. 

The list of things you need to forget now includes hours spent trying to find a good casino game to play, dead game links and shady websites. We pay close attention to all our games so they always work perfectly in the Chrome browser and you can play them anytime you want and as many times as you want. Depending on how many Top 3 Daily Games extensions you installed, every day you will get from 3 to 21 fresh online casino games. Add the huge number of games on OnlineCasinoHex and you have the unlimited choice of titles to play for the rest of your life. 

If you are not the Google Chrome browser fan, you need to wait just a little bit until we release our extensions for Mozilla and Opera browser. Need more information? Visit our website to get answers on all of your questions.