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The Truth About Wagering Requirements

The Truth About Wagering Requirements

Once you open any online casino, you’ll be impressed by the number of special promotions it has to offer. For a beginner it will seem like making a deposit in this casino is a good bargain as he or she will get free spins, welcome bonus on the deposit and many other tempting things. But does it really work like this? Or maybe casinos are concealing something? This article is devoted to the wagering (or betting) requirements that are usually not so clear for the online gamblers.

The first thing you need to understand is that casinos will never give you the free money for nothing. There is always a catch to make you spend more money than you were going to. We are calling it “a catch”, casinos are calling it “wagering requirements” that you need to meet to get your promised bonuses or just start playing top online roulette games and online video slots. These terms and conditions are always stated in the casino website but they are definitely not the first thing you see when you want to gamble so let’s try to understand what these terms and conditions are in fact.

Wagering requirements — what are they?

The term “wagering requirements” actually means the things you need to do to get the promotion from the casino. Usually, they mean that you need to spend the certain sum of money before you can make use of your bonuses or cash them out. For example, you open a casino’s website and see a bright banner saying that you can get free $20 on your first deposit. But the wagering requirements in fine print say that you there is a 10X multiplier meaning you need to place 10 bets before you can use that 20 bucks. The wagering requirements multiplier usually doesn’t define the amount of money you need to bet but only the number of bets placed.

So what does it mean for a gambler? It means that before making any bets and deposits you need to read and understand the wagering requirements clearly and decide whether these bonuses are useful for you or you can skip them to save the money.

How to meet wagering requirements

It sounds pretty easy but the thing is, wagering requirements are never just about the number of bets but also about the time restrictions to use the bonus money, the games where bets can be made with bonuses and the games where you can only bet your own money.

As for the time restrictions, most of the reliable online casinos demand that you place the needed number of bets within 30 days to get your first deposit bonus, for example. If you wager less than it was stated in the wagering requirements, your bonuses just burn up.

When it comes to the game restrictions, you’ll need to count things down a little bit because it’s getting more difficult. Each type of games in online casinos has its own specific percentage that counts down to the wager requirements. Online slots are the most beneficial games as they count a 100% because they bring the most of the profit to the casino owners. Top online roulette games, blackjack or poker are not so profitable for the casinos so their percentage is usually lower (from 25% to 75%).

For example, a casino gives you a $50 bonus with the wagering requirements multiplier of 10X. In this casino slots as always count as 100%, poker counts as 75%, blackjack counts as 25%, and roulette counts as 10%. Here’s how your bet amounts will look like:

  • $20 on video slots (100%) = $20
  • $40 on video poker (75%) = $30
  • $40 on blackjack (25%) = $10
  • $40 on roulette (10%) = $4

This is basically everything you need to know about wagering requirements imposed by the online casinos on gamblers. Even though these requirements are usually written in fine print, they are usually laid quite clear so all you need to do is to pay attention to them and read them carefully. And all our calculations doesn’t mean you need to stop gambling for real money or don’t use casino offers — we just want to say that you need to calculate everything before you make a decision and place your bet. 

If you are a newbie and just want to play slots once in a while, you’ll most likely never meet the wagering requirements to use the bonus. But if you are an experienced gambler and play in online casinos often, grab your money and make bets — casino bonuses will work for you and increase your chances to win.