New Slots at Online Casino

Slot Club Betway is pleased to present a novelty from the manufacturer of slot machines of the company ArtGambling video slot Pyramid. A new, bright, unforgettable gaming machine should come to the liking of lovers of excitement. The machine is available for free play, but when playing for real money there is a chance to get extra winnings in the form of one of the jackpots: Mini, Midi or even win Maxi Jackpot!

The uniqueness of the Pyramid video slot is not only in the generosity of payments, but also in the implemented Honesty Control, which gives confidence in playing for real money.

Let's get acquainted with the functionality of the new game. Having opened the slot machine, the first thing we have to do is to bring money into the game from your balance in the casino. Then choose the number of active lines for the game (from 1 to 20), the bet on the line (from 1 to 100), and do not forget about the denomination (default value of the loan 0.01). 

We can see the table of payments, the description of bonus games and the description of the operation of the CCH, by opening information about the machine (the button "INFO"). With the "CASH" button at any time, you can open the cash register, view the current balance of the casino, add money to the game ("IN" tab), or withdraw money from the game ("OUT" tab).

Symbols and bonus games of Pyramid

After setting the line settings and the bet, we can safely press the "START" button and calculate the profit from the winning combinations of standard game symbols that can bring from 5 to 5000 net income rates. A special symbol of the game is the image of a golden idol falling out on the second, third and fourth drums. Falling out, this symbol extends to the entire vertical of the drum and replaces other symbols (except for the symbol with the image of the pyramid) to create the highest-paid combination of possible ones.

Another special symbol of the Pyramid gaming machine is the image of the pyramid (it falls on the third, fourth and fifth drums), if three pyramids have fallen, the bonus game will begin. On the field there are 32 stones under which are hidden: 7 wooden pyramids (Wood х10), 6 stone (Stone х12), bronze (Bronze х15), silver (Silver х20) and gold (Gold х25) pyramids and one diamond pyramid (Diamond) In the bonus game there are 3 attempts to choose. The bonus game ends if three attempts have been used or the player has stopped at his choice. If you are lucky and opened a diamond pyramid, you will get a super-bonus game!

Before us opens a field of five rows of five stones in each. The choice starts with the first row (bottom). Coefficients hidden in rows:

1st row: 10, 10, 15, 15, 20;

2nd row: 15, 15, 20, 20, 25;

3rd row: 20, 20, 25, 25, 50;

4th row: 50, 50, 100, snake, snake;

5th row: 100, 200, snake, snake, snake.

The symbol of the snake means no win and the end of the super-bonus game. All winning bonus factors are added together. The arrangement of bonuses is generated in advance (until the player chooses), which is confirmed by the Control of Honesty. More details about "Honesty Control" can be found in the corresponding section on the website of

Confidence in the integrity of the game the right of every client

If you have doubts in the game process and you are hungry for verification you have the right to do so. To gain confidence that the gaming machine generates random combinations, rather than pre-planned, you need, first, to copy the game package number. The next step is to go to the official site of the company "ARTGAMBLING", where in the section "Integrity control" insert the copied information. 

Use the search button to find the desired game and download it to your device. Attention! The archive is password-protected! You will receive the password after the game is over! Opening the archive will make sure the integrity of the game just played thanks to the events provided in the file. You will see that the file contains all the processes you observed before in the gaming machine.