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Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition and Dietetics)

This course will give you broad-based health knowledge and includes topics that focus on the provision of nutrition advice and pre-screening of dietary requirements. It is self-paced and online and would be the ideal foundation for working as a skilled assistant to a nutritionist, dietitian or other health professional. The course comes with bonus 12-month complimentary Nutrition Australia membership.

The certificate covers meal and menu planning, nutrition education support and case management as well as how to deliver effective client service, having been developed by a leading accredited practising dietitian.

In 18 months or less you could gain a nationally recognised qualification and be ready to pursue a variety of roles in allied health, or nutrition. Alternatively, you may choose to build your career with further qualifications in nutrition and dietetics, allied health or nursing.

Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy)

This comprehensive and practical certificate might allow you to work in a wide variety of roles in allied health assistance.

You will learn the specialist skills needed to deliver exercise programs and support physiotherapy treatments for your clients. A work placement will help you build your contacts and allow you to gain real, practical skills in a clinic (or similar) environment.

Learn how to deliver and monitor exercise and mobility programs and assist in client movement and rehabilitation. Connect with other students online via the OpenSpace learning portal, where you can share knowledge, questions and resources.