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Mack Gibson: From A Marathoner to A Talented Opinion Writer

Everyone loves a great story of transformation and Mack Gibson’s story is yet another great tale to tell. He is currently an opinion writer in Houston, TX who loves to express his experiences and opinions about culture, politics, and the human condition, going beyond just expressing and sharing his thoughts.

Mack Gibson is a veteran marathon runner. He has accomplished more than 60 marathons in his lifetime — an accomplishment not many people on this earth can say they have or can complete. His love for fitness and health helped catapult his career as a writer. A lot of his first written work revolved around writing about his fitness. Mack identified with the fitness niche and pursued to write about endurance athletes. His years as a runner gave him a significant amount of experience handling and maintaining his fitness. This commitment to marathon running gave him the avenue to gain all the knowledge about health as a runner. Consequently, he used this knowledge to produce great stories and articles.

His articles did not involve writing about his opinion as a runner or even focusing on teaching his readers how to succeed as a runner. Instead, he found inspiration and motivation in writing about the many life lessons he had learnt and experienced as a marathon runner. He wrote stories and columns about the values and discipline a person needs to succeed in anything they are aiming to pursue in life. These life lessons provides the depth of every story he writes as a columnist in Houston, TX.

Mack is not just your ordinary opinion writer. He has a unique line of experience that, in return, has also given him a unique perspective of life in which he builds his stories and pieces with. Apart from covering 26.2 miles as a marathon runner, he has also graduated with a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. As a lawyer, he has represented a varied list of clients from banks, real estate developing establishments to wheeler dealers in Texas. His career as a lawyer extended to reach an impressive 40 years, before he pursued his career as a writer. Mack’s years as a lawyer gave him an abundance of knowledge about people and behavior. And for any writer, there is no better source of inspiration for great characters in a story than real characters encountered in person. This is exactly what helped Mack develop unique stories about human interest.

For a tale as old as time, reading novels, and stories have served to be the perfect stimulation for a person’s brain. It is the most in-depth form of entertainment, where the entirety of a person’s imagination is stimulated and used. It is the best way to trigger the full functionality of the human brain. And for most bookworms, a great book is far more satisfying than any movie or television show out there. But not every person has the time and the energy to fit in a good novel read, despite how much they want to just indulge in a long and beautiful story. This is precisely why Mack Gibson’s short stories are perfect for that quick and exhilarating read. He has managed to gather inspiration from the characters he had met as a lawyer, to help emphasize the life lessons and advice he wants to project through his short stories. Mack is not only just a columnist in Houston, TX, but also a writer that has learned and experienced enough in life. His stories and his work as a columnist, not only provides an entertaining alternative to novels or books, but also feeds the soul. He has learned enough about people, human behavior, and the way people think through different types of situations. As a runner, he has observed his own ability to achieve great lengths. As a lawyer, he has observed different characters and personalities, involved in joyous, stressful, or pressured situations. As an opinion writer and columnist, he has created beautifully structured and presented short stories that ultimately teaches every reader the true value of life, the true struggles of experiences, and the real portrayals of human interest.

If you want to know more about Mack Gibson, visit or follow him online via his Facebook at MackGibsonWriter and Twitter at @mdgmarathon.