Communication has become a very important aspect for humans to complete their daily tasks today. Conveying things is very important to make things work for you, technology has improved our ways to communicate. From telephone to mobile phones and from mobile phones to smartphones. These gadgets have made every individual communicate to the other very easily, But as our talks need a good communication data also needs to be communicated efficiently so that the things go well and the business improves.

There are equipments who makes it possible for industries to transmit data and Cable plays a major role in it. That’s when the invention of fiber optic telecom and networking products came into existence at the first place. A good and fast cable is required for efficient communication. A typical cable consists of two or more wires running parallelly side by side either bonded, twisted, or braided together to form a single assembly. Other uses of wire ropes are lifting, towing and hauling.

So, for communication wire helps by carrying electric current in them. For eg. An optical cable contains one or more in a protective jacket for support. By connecting devices using the wires, an electric signal is transferred. One of the latest technology in communication cables is an optical fiber which is made of glass. It’s a flexible and transparent wire and is as thin as human hair.

It is one of the efficient means for telecommunication and computer networking because it is flexible and can be bundled as cables because of its thickness. The light inside the fiber propagates with little attenuation compared to electrical cables so advantageous for long-distance communications. This allows long distances to be spanned with using very few repeaters.

Repeaters are electronic devices used to connect wires and far off distances. It is important how the wires are connected and one should make sure that while the light travels through them there is a very loss for successful communication. So, this connection is more complex than usual wires. The communication is in the form of light inside the fibers due to the well-known concept of total internal reflection.

This occurs due to the difference of refractive index of the two mediums while light travels. The fiber is enclosed within fibrous polymer like aramid inside a plastic cover and connected using optic fiber connector on each end.

Fiber optics is said to be the fastest medium of communication and has recorded that a single fiber can transmit 1015 bits/sec(petabit) over 50 km. It’s mostly advantageous for audio transmission, gives broader bandwidth and very less attenuation over long distances. Nowadays they are also used in sensors and remote sensing. By modifying the fiber,

different measurements can be made such as strain, temperature, pressure. During the times when it is desirable not to have a metallic conductor which produce strong magnetic fields, the optical fiber is used to convert light into electricity and transmit power. Other examples are

for powering electronics in high-powered antenna elements and measurement devices used in high-voltage transmission equipment.

Optical fibers are very strong, and they usually lose their strength due to fatigue or stress aging. Other than glass optics there are plastic fibers, that are used for small distance translation.

An optic switch is like a usual switch but used for optic fibers and enable signals

in them to be switched. Fiber optics wire are capped at both ends using fiber

optics patch cord so that the connection with the optic switch can be easy and

convenient. The patch cord makes sure that low insertion and high return loss

and excellent environment adaptability. They are classified by three things the transmission medium, connector

construction and construction of the connector's inserted core cover.

The cover of the patch cords is often

colour-coded to indicate the type of fiber used. The strain relief

"boot" that protects the fiber from bending at a connector is

color-coded to indicate the type of connection. The plastic shell can also be

color coded Connectors with a plastic shell use a colour-coded shell.

There is one more product associated with optics communication called Fiber optic adapters. These are typically used to connect two fiber optic cables together. They come in versions to connect single fibers together (simplex), two fibers together (duplex), or sometimes four fibers together (quad). Adapters are designed for multimode or single-mode cables.

The single-mode adapters provide more precise alignment of the tips of the connectors and can be used to connect multimode cables. The reverse is not suggested as this might cause misalignment of the small single-mode fibers and loss of signal strength (attenuation).