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How To Get Positive Reviews For Your Mobile App

When a new product gets into the consumer market, advertisements are needed to sustain such products, give it a strong presence in the market, create revenue, get people interested and keep customers who have already been converted. The case is the same for mobile apps.

Humans rely on other people's opinions before going for a product or service that is either new or existing Ranging from mobile applications to hotels to getaways, the view of previous users always makes a difference.

It is the reason why every app; new mobile apps especially, needs a lot of positive reviews to grow and be relevant in the consumer market. Without positive reviews, or with mostly negative reviews, it'll only be a matter of time before you lose everything. This is because it might not be visible in app store search engines or app stores would not even feature them at all. Also, when people see negative reviews, they don't download your app.

The mobile app market is overcrowded with thousands of apps. Therefore, it'll take more than referrals from your friends to boost your mobile app presence in app stores. To get reviews, positive reviews, you first have to program a request that would ask customers for ratings and reviews after they have used your mobile app. This shouldn't be done immediately because users are still getting used to the new app and it might be annoying to start asking for reviews immediately an app is launched without allowing them to get to know how it works and what they like about it.

Fortunately, there is a program on iOS, which activates its the right time to ask users for reviews. It requests for reviews some weeks after users have made use of the app and done something useful or completed a task successfully with it. At this point, the user is most likely feeling euphoric that your app helped them to shop without stress, for example, and so, they would want to send a positive review.

It is important not to overlook negative reviews as well, while on a quest for positive reviews. If a user complains about a feature on your app, you should look into it to avoid other people from complaining. That way, more positive reviews will come. Every app developer India knows this.

It has been observed that another good way to propel users to leave positive reviews is by running some online contests for those who have downloaded your mobile app. By enticing them with freebies, and putting the results online, people who happen to find these opportunities become eager to join in the fun by leaving reviews to win a gift. They can do this by signing in with their user names and leaving a review. After that, you can select winners randomly or by using any criteria you wish. Make this a transparent contest so that every user will see how you chose your winners to promote impartiality.

Another effective way to get positive reviews is by including games on your mobile app that users can win points from when they click on your review pop up. You can also find other ways of rewarding users when they use your app. It should be something that would make them want to give a review and refer their friends to check your app out.

Also, creating mobile support groups help a great deal with getting positive reviews. This way, users can engage each other, have access to your tech team and also voice their opinions.

In conclusion, if you want organic positive reviews, hire app developers India and make an app worthy of reviews.