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Overhead Door Company of Riverton-Lander; Winterization Advice with the Christensen Brothers 

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Winter seems to be knocking early this year!  If you feel a draft or notice a crack of light shining through where a window, door or garage door is supposed to be closed, you should get it checked out!

Where there is light shining around a closed door or window, there is money flying out into the cold air!  Meet Jeremy Christensen and John Christensen, brothers and Overhead Door Company of Riverton-Lander Garage Door & Windows & Entry Door Professionals.

As temperatures respond to the autumn seasonal change, it’s time to complete your home and business winter-weather proofing inspection.  
Though some people may tackle these jobs themselves, scheduling Overhead Door to check your windows, entry doors, and garage doors puts a pro on your team, like John and Jeremy.  They can quickly identify heat-eating cracks and gaps you might not know exist.  "Your windows and doors can be a big source of heat loss and weatherproofing your windows will make a big difference. Some may only need a bit of caulking or weather stripping and some may need replacing with energy-efficient windows," said John. 

Brush weather strips are designed to minimize air flow in and out of an overhead door, allowing your space to be energy efficient by keeping the warm air from escaping outside, otherwise known as the seal around the perimeter of the garage door. 
There is also a rubber strip at the bottom of your garage door, known as astragal, which is designed to seal your door properly for the same reason. If you have an insulated garage door, the brush weather strip works in conjunction to enhance the overall performance of your garage door. 

Take a look at your current brush weather strip and seal at the bottom to determine if it’s brittle, cracked or needs to be replaced. The need for this can depend on a lot of things such as what direction your garage door faces (does it take the brunt of winds, sun, etc.), garage door use, condensation (does water and salt gather or pool on the cement near your garage door where it can take its toll on the material), and even critters! 

Brush weather strips are also important for the commercial customers. With large overhead doors, comes large openings, which means there’s a greater chance of inside air escaping.  Brush weather strips for commercial doors are essential to minimize air flow, help with gaps and can even be helpful to keep bugs/pests from entering.  It’s designed to keep rain, wind, dust, sand, sleet, snow and debris out of your building.  However, they are most commonly used to minimize drafts.

Air infiltration and leakage is a problem in most buildings, especially around overhead doors and loading docks.  Not only can cooled or heated air escape, leading to higher utility bills, but drafts can also cause uncomfortable working conditions. Brush weather strip is inexpensive, easy to replace and well worth your investment!  Some business/home owners get in a routine of replacing their brush weather strips and astragal every few years, "I recommend  replacing your weather strip during fall, it's an important thing to do before the cold weather sets in," said Jeremy.

Overhead Door Company of Riverton-Lander carries a variety of brush weather strip, vinyl weather strip and rubber bottom seal. 
“It’s very helpful if you can bring in a small sample so we know what to replace it with because we carry a variety of kinds and sizes," said Jeremy

If you’re looking to replace your current brush weather strip, stop in at Overhead Door Company, 600 East Main, Riverton, WY - 307-856-2210