Overhead Door Company of Gillette

The History of Overhead Door Company; a part of Campbell County for 38 years

(Gillette, Wyo.) - The Overhead Door Company of Gillette has been a part of the Campbell County community for over 38 years. Owned by Nancy Nehl, one of three woman owned Overhead Door distributors in the United States, the Nehl family owned company started out in Rapid City, SD in the 1970's.   Nancy's husband, Bruce Nehl's father (John) and brother (Doyle) purchased the Overhead Door Company of Rapid City.  Bruce and his other brother Jeff worked for them. 

As the coal mines were being built in Campbell County, Jeff and Bruce found themselves spending many days travelling back and forth to Gillette and Wright. Bruce and his brothers decided to purchase the Overhead Door Company of Gillette in January of 1978, previously owned by Tom Stricker and his partner. Bruce and Nancy ran the business together and eventually bought out the Gillette office in 2002. Bruce passed away in 2006, and  Nancy took over all operations thereafter.

Photo taken around 1984 of Overhead Door Company of Gillette.

As we all know, Gillette's mining industry is no longer booming and it has taken its toll on many local businesses. It's been a tough year with the downturn of the Campbell County economy. However, Overhead Door Company of Gillette was still able to meet the Overhead Door Corporations Eagle goal for sales for 2015. "We have seen many booms and the busts over the years; and we will see this one through as well," Nancy stated.

Overhead Door Company of Gillette currently has seven employees including, Nancy's son and daughter, Kayce and Robynn, along with Brandon (Bubba), Austin, Kim and Patrick.

Overhead Door Company of Gillette offers sales, installation and service support for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Trained professionals are committed to meet and exceed your expectations with the genuine, the original overhead door from Overhead Door Company of Gillette.
Overhead Door Company of Gillette, 3208 North Highway 14-16, P.O. Box 1418, Gillette, Wyoming  82716
Phone: 307-686-0029