Pain Care Center

Get Back to Life! with the help of Pain Care Center in Lander

We understand that living with pain is not a pleasant experience. Feeling the pain and being miserable can take its toll on you. It can affect your personal, family, and work  life. It can ruin just about anything and everything you want to do or have worked for in life such as activities of daily living, hobbies, family activities, work, and career. It can cause both mental and medical health issues including medications side effects and dependency on pills. 

At Pain Care Center, we are a group of professionals committed to diagnosing and treating chronic painful conditions  including Abdominal conditions, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes Neuropathy, Foot Pain, Fibromyalgia, Hand Pain, Headache, Hip Pain, Knee pain, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Shoulder pain.  

Our services include: narcotics and non narcotics, Suboxone for opioid dependency, spinal and joint injections, rhizotomy, and spinal cord stimulator therapy. In addition, we offer regenerative therapies including PRP and Stem cell injections.

We work very closely with your doctors to make sure the behavioral pain symptoms such as anxiety and depression are diagnosed and treated.  Utilizing physical medicine modalities to help improve strength, range of motion, and decrease pain.  

Medical management is utilized using an array of pharmacological modalities including topical creams, NSAID's, muscle relaxants, narcotics, and anti neuropathic agents. For those who have become habituated to narcotics pain killers, we offer the Suboxone program. Interventional pain management treatments are available including epidural steroids injection, joint injections, nerve blocks, rhizotomy (Radio Frequency Ablation), and spinal cord stimulation therapy.  We offer novel approaches in pain management such as low dose naltrexone (LDN), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem cell therapy to those patients who are interested. 

At Pain Care Center, we believe that every patient is unique and deserves an individual plan of care that will help the patient get back to life.

You have a right to be informed of your diagnosis and treatment options. As such, you are entitled to a thorough evaluation of your condition and information on available treatment options. Your pain management evaluation will be complete.

  • You will be assessed for all possibilities and conditions that can explain your pain.
  • You will then be provided with the treatment options that may include counseling, physical medicine treatments, medications and minimally invasive pain intervention procedures.

Please call 307-212-6270 for an appointment and find out how you can get  back to your life!