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All you need to know about sciatica and its treatment

Sciatica is also called herniated disk condition, while other sources may even refer to it as lower back pain. In real sciatica is the medical name referring to the sudden pain in the lower-back, thigh and limb areas depending on its seriousness. Let’s see what sciatica treatments exist and what rehabilitation methods are best to cure it.

Sciatica can mainly appear for those who are actively participating in sports, which live an otherwise active lifestyle, who are middle-aged and those who are predestined for spinal issues due to inheritance, irregular spine or being taller than usual.

Sciatica back pain treatment options

Sciatica is luckily a condition that has the potential to be cured at home except to find sciatica doctor near me. This however should not dissuade you from visiting a sciatica specialist, especially, if you are experiencing strong pain in your back which seriously limits you from doing your daily activities. A sciatica specialist can not only help you find out the exact reason for your pain but can also prescribe you painkillers and can advise you on the best methods for cure.

Surgical treatment

In case the sciatica pain would not go away and would not get noticeably better within month, a surgery may be necessary to make the pain go away. Still there are many people that asking what kind of doctor treats sciatica? During the surgery, the herniated disk would be removed, to end the problem. The surgery can be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on the seriousness of the case and on the decision of the patient. This is a general surgery and it has an ultra-high success ratio.

Sciatica rehabilitation

Special spine –stretching exercises are required for those who suffer from sciatica related pain. This aims to make more space and stretch out the spine, to free the nerve that got stuck by the herniated disk. This way, the pain may go away pretty quickly. These rehab exercises are also part of post-surgery rehabilitation therapy.

Sciatica may come back at any time

Depending on your overall condition, age and lifestyle, unfortunately you may get or develop sciatica anytime again. While surgery frees you from the disk that was herniated, it doesn’t mean you cannot have another disk herniated at any other time. This is why, exercising that also strengthens the spinal area such as swimming and stretching exercises, which are good for the spine, are very important.

Treatment with sauna, movement and chiropractor therapy

Stretching in the sauna is very useful because under the effect of hot, humid air, our tendency to stretch out will also improve. Sauna also has pain relieving properties. Most patients who suffer from lower back pain or sciatica are also mostly advised to frequent a sauna and swim on a regular basis. There are best treatment for sciatica pain who can also help with herniated disk issues, but you ought to take a high care when visiting anyone without a proper medical degree to treat these issues.

All in all if you are middle aged or over middle aged, take a great care of the types of exercises you are doing to avoid overworking any parts of your body and visit a sciatica pain treatment specialist if you suspect you are suffering from sciatica.

For the best treatment visit the spine and pain clinic.