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The right treatment against sciatica

Starting from the lower back, sciatica is sometimes violent pain. The sciatica is often caused by disc hernia ion: a small piece of inter vertebral disc cracks, is expelled outside of the spine and compresses the sciatic nerve. It usually resolves itself alone and the pain gradually decreases.

Here are the solutions of Sciatica specialist to relieve it. As best treatment for sciatica pain give you early relief.

Sciatica Test

The MRI allows the diagnosis and decides on the best treatment.

The doctor may prescribe more effective treatment, combining various types of prescription-only medications. If these are not enough, the doctor can prescribe oral corticosteroids for a short period of seven to ten days, and more rarely morphine analgesics, in case of very acute pain.

Medical treatment of sciatica

The pain symptom is at the forefront: analgesics are effective, whether anti-inflammatory and class III analgesics (morphine and opium derivatives).

The infiltrations of corticosteroids are a frequently useful adjunct, as are the mechanical techniques used jointly. Lumbar restraint, vertebral therapy and traction are effective in almost 70% of cases.

The old dogma of absolute rest is currently being discussed by specialists. It seems certain that a certain freedom of movement, with very careful recovery of activities, does not change the prognosis of sciatica.

Consider the operation

Only 5% of sciatica is operated, after at least three to four months, when other treatments have failed, sciatica is disabling and imaging confirms the link with hernia. Surgery by sciatica doctor near me can extract the responsible disk fragment.

It requires five to six days of hospitalization and one month of sick leave. The results are good, with pain relief in over 80% of cases.

Physiotherapy to relieve the pain of sciatica

If the patient has been suffering from pain for several weeks (4 to 6 weeks), a visit to a physiotherapist can relieve the pain associated with sciatica. In addition, physiotherapy allows you to recover your physical abilities gently. The physiotherapist puts in place exercises of stretching, muscle strengthening, he corrects the posture of the patient and carries out massages to relieve the painful areas. He sometimes uses warm wraps and electrotherapy to relieve pain.

Sciatica surgery

Only if medical treatment fails and worsens symptoms will a surgical procedure be considered. Traction is indeed useless for hernias of the lumbar region.

The goal is to quickly relieve the compression of the nerve root.

Surgically extract the herniated disc fragment. This is the method that gives the best results: almost 100%. She claims perfect technicality;

The indications of the different techniques will be weighed and clearly exposed to the patient.

Sciatica: treatment of ponytail syndrome

When sciatica is accompanied by a ponytail syndrome, the urgency is primarily surgical. This syndrome corresponds to the compression of the last nerve roots of the column and is manifested by one or more of the following signs: signs of paralysis of the lower limbs, loss of control of the sphincters, loss of muscle mass in the legs, perinea pain or genitals, loss of reflexes of the lower limbs or insensibility in the perinea skin. Only emergency surgery can cure these forms of sciatica.

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