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Bushfire Preparation for the Spring

Spring has officially sprung upon Australian shores, and many of us are looking forward to a time of year where we can head outside in to the elements without dressing in layers. The warmth of the summer, however, brings with it its fair share of dangers. The hot, dry weather of the high season heralds the beginning of bushfire season for Australia, and now is the time to prepare for it.

Most homes, if properly prepared, can survive a bushfire. The most important element of preparation is to remember that bushfires require fuel to burn – in its absence, they will sweep past your home, and leave you alone. Fuel reduction, through long and occasionally painful education, has been shown to be the most important aspect of home safety during bushfire season.

By clearing your property, and ensuring that there is no potential fuel on the ground within 20 metres of your home, you can greatly reduce the odds that your home will experience damage. This includes any building materials, trees, or anything else that could ignite under extreme temperatures.

Another key factor in home safety during bushfire season is your placement among landforms. If your home is situated on a slope, it is more likely to experience fast movement from a bushfire, along with creating a more challenging area for emergency services to reach.

If you plan on defending your home, a proper water tank and pump with metal fittings is absolutely key as well. Along with this, your entire family must know how to use it, along with any and all potential guests.

For more information on fire safety and fire fighting, a consultation with disaster management experts can help you to secure your property. Contact one of Perth’s most experienced crews at Parabellum International to find out more about securing your property against the summer threat of bushfires.


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