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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

It helps to enlist the endowment of a practised kitchen designer who can assist you through all the different alternatives keeping in mind your best interests so as to get the maximum value out of your custom cabinetry. You will not only enhance the value of your home but also you can make your kitchen a unique masterwork by adding custom design elements to your home.

  • Regardless of the shape, size or colour of the room, custom cabinets are perfect for accommodating your dreams to your kitchen’s layout.
  • Opting for custom kitchen cabinets will certainly provide you with enhanced personalisation and longer shelf life.

Custom Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kitchen cabinets can be easily installed by you or you can get it installed by an expert kitchen installer. If you would like to install them yourself, this step by step instruction will help you to install kitchen wall cabinets and base cabinets like a pro.

1. Begin by marking cabinet layout lines on the wall.

2. Using the hammer and finishing nail, locate the wall studs.

3. Now, mark stud locations on the back of the cabinet.

4. Through the back of the cabinet, drill four holes that match to the stud locations.

5. Place the cabinet on the cabinet jack, hold cabinet level then tighten and secure to wall studs with 2½-inch drywall screws and finishing washers.

6. Inspect to ensure cabinet is upright.

7. Use jigsaw (a portable power saw with a reciprocating blade) to cut a vent-hood hole in the cabinet, which goes above the stove.

8. Fasten next cabinet to the first cabinet installed then screw it to wall studs.

9. With the help of 1¼-inch screws, fix and secure the two cabinets together.

10. Hold a six-foot level across the cabinets’ face; if required, insert shims at the wall to fine-tune the cabinets.

11. Place base cabinets on the floor facing upwards and hold tightly and fix together.

12. With the help of 1¼-inch pan-head screws, tighten and fix base cabinets together.

13. To uphold consistent width, put shims between the cabinets.

14. With the help of a hammer, remove extra shims.

15. Position base cabinets in the place and check height to the countertop layout line, cut filler strip to match the variance.

16. Move the base cabinets, place filler strip on the floor.

17. After levelling the filler strip, use 3-inch drywall screws to screw and fix to the floor.

18. Screw and fix base cabinets’ back to the wall studs.

That’s it! Your kitchen’s wall cabinets and base cabinets are ready.

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